Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events

The Southern United States has had a love affair with automobile racing which dates all of the way into the days of Prohibition. This may be seen each weekend around the dirt paths along with other race tracks around the southwest. Hopeful drivers usually receive their start racing go karts before working their way upward to vehicles with larger engines.

Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events, located in Sterling, Virginia is among those areas where children can get their first taste of motor sport. Many men and women believe go-karts are only for kids, but they create even adults feel as they are Richard Petty for just a small while.

High-Speed Fun

Unlike older go-karts using their leaky gas-powered combustion motors, Autobahn Indoor Speedway has adopted modern technology. They feature electric automobiles which have the instantaneous acceleration and torque which brings a adrenaline rush to each motorists.

The electric go karts available out at 50 miles and feature lots of the very same technology of contemporary race cars. Featuring double disk brakes and 4-point raving harnesses, Autobahn keeps the drivers secure. The rear differential and reactive steering provide the motorist a real racing experience, so that they could power through the curves.

The Need for Speed

Autobahn Indoor Speedway supplies grand prix style street paths, so drivers do not get bored from turning left. Additionally, there are reflexive barriers providing innovative security whilst hurrying ten cars deep. There’s also high-tech time systems keeping tabs on your lap times down to 1/100th of a second while dwell lap times are kept running throughout the race so that the driver can stay informed about their functionality.

Instruction for Adults & Kids

Autobahn supplies racing education for kids 8 decades and older from junior karts offering exactly the exact same thrill as the full size karts. This provides kids with a secure, controlled environment to understand the intricacies of motor racing, so they’ll be prepared when they graduate into the bigger Formula One design karts.

Along with revealing them the thrills that engine racing supplies, this ancient schooling also helps them become better drivers when they’re finally permitted to get behind the wheel of their household.

Race Yourself And Others

Not only are you currently rushing leagues which motorists can take part in, but motorists may compete against the clock, keeping tabs on the very best lap times. Autobahn Indoor Speedway is also an perfect place for parties and group events for companies and groups of friends seeking to compete. Passengers can phone ahead and reserve time due to their classes, or you could easily”arrive and drive” provided that space can be found on the track.

With engine racing being among the very cost restrictive sports to become involved in, Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events supplies the ideal intro to the sport of auto racing. Kids can view if racing is a game they may want to chase while mature dreamers can unleash their internal Fireball Roberts since they accelerate the track.

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