Potomac Heritage Trail

Residents of Sterling, Virginia that are lovers of character are blessed to possess the Potomac Heritage Trail running directly through their rear yards. Launched in 1983 as a National Scenic Trail, the PHT includes over 700 kilometers of present and planned segments, spanning several countries in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

Running through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C., the PHT traces the cultural, historic and physiological characteristics of the upper Ohio River watershed, which runs through Western Maryland and Pennsylvania; the Potomac River corridor; along with the Rappahannock River watershed, that can be located in Virginia. All this is handled by the National Parks Service.

Contrary to the Appalachian Trail, which runs nearly the whole span of the Eastern United States, the Potomac Heritage trail is a more typical path with numerous side avenues to explore. A few of the paths run parallel to one another on both sides of the Potomac River and are linked by several streets.

Additionally, the PHT intersects with the Appalachian only beyond Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, which makes it feasible for the most daring explorers to increase along elements of the scenic paths. The PHT also connects with the American Discovery Trail along Some of this C&O Canal Towpath operating from Washington, D.C. into Oldtown, Maryland.

As soon as the PHT initially became a National Scenic Trail in 1983, it consisted of 3 segments. The longest was that the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath, which conducted 184.5 miles across the D.C. and Maryland side of the Potomac in Cumberland, Maryland to Georgetown, Washington D.C.. There was the 18 kilometers of the Mount Vernon Trail in Virginia along with the 70 kilometers of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in Pennsylvania.

These avenues have been a mixture of different surfaces like gravel, asphalt and natural surfaces that reveals the vast array of cultures and landscapes which constitute the area. That is unlike other National Scenic avenues, that have a more homogenous quality for them.

PHT Association

The Potomac Heritage Trail Association is a membership-based company specializing in the interpretation, preservation, development and building of the PHT. The team works with local, state and national officials and governments to come up with new segments across the Potomac Heritage National Scenic corridor. The group, as well as other advocacy groups sponsor, work excursions to maintain and build organic surface parts of the trail.

Potomac Heritage Trail Guide Books

Additionally, there are two guidebooks specializing in mapping the PHT for individuals wishing to test hiking different places. The Potomac Heritage Trail: A Hiker’s Guide exclusively deals with all the PHT and each of the pathways it is included of while The C&O Companion guidebook includes a section dedicated to this particular section of the PHT.

The PHT is ideal for fans of character who like hiking no matter their level of experience. Fortunately for residents of Sterling, Virginia there’s a trail just outside their doors must be researched.

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