Rebounderz – Great Fun in Sterling

Should you really feel as though you’ve seen everything in Sterling Park, from Algonkian park into Dulles International Airport into the Heritage Farm Museum, then there could be something new to you.

It is this small area named Rebounderz, and it’s Sterling Park’s own indoor stroller park. These areas came to the scene about a few years before, and they’re a massive hit with the children and the kids in mind.

Bouncing Fun Indoors

Rebounderz is very similar to those resilient homes you have seen at kids’ birthday parties for many, many years, except envision an whole construction like this!

Among the very cool things about Rebounderz is that the various activities you may take part in while bouncing about. They supply dodgeball and basketball along with that which they call”open hop”, and that’s exactly what you typically would envision in a trampoline park.

The hottest feature is certainly the ninja warrior program. Its design is just like the series, Ultimate Ninja Warrior, and participants may test out the dangling doors, slack line, quad measures, warped walls, plus far more.

There are 3 degrees of problem, so make sure you try out a challenge that’s suitable for you and your children. The maximum level really ends up being a fairly intense workout for adults!

Prizes and Games

Besides their own leaping segments, Rebounderz includes a fantastic arcade packed with claw machines, pinball machines, Skeeball, along with an assortment of all the most recent games. Instead of the classic ticket/token system in most arcades, they use a kind of debit card which lets you easily add”tokens” without taking out a huge cup of coins around.s

The points made from winning matches can also be saved on the card, therefore the long strands of paper tickets are something of the past. Their card process is easy and environmentally friendly.

Perfect for Kids and Adults

Rebounderz is the best location for children. Summer camps are offered for kids to take part in hours of leap time in addition to numerous other enjoyable activities such as the ninja warrior program. They also offer parents the chance to rent out the entire spot for birthday parties.

For all those parents with small ones, there’s an alternative for you, too! Rebounderz provides”toddler period”, which will be just $10 and enables you and your kid under 5 to bounce about in a place away from the rest of the commotion.

Taking into consideration the staff members must take care of children literally bouncing off the walls all daythey exhibit the utmost professionalism and do everything to make sure you have the very best experience.

And for all those children in mind, Rebounderz also provide corporate occasions.

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